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Shaping a clear message for an industry-leading fintech brand

  • Marketing

Visa has been the industry leader in e-commerce payment protection since 2005, delivering dispute prevention and revenue recovery services to some of the biggest companies around the world.

Visa payment protection solutions are packed with powerful features, but can be difficult to communicate at a glance. We developed a robust ecosystem of Google Ads, social ads, and social media content to attract new customers where they are, and communicate value in their terms.


Since 2017, our digital marketing strategies have translated Visa’s fintech excellence into easy to understand customer value.


Google Ads

We transformed Google Ads from a one-size-fits-all setup to a get-to-know-you solution. Segmenting specific ads to show to specific customers at specific points in their customer journey allowed us to communicate product value in bite-size pieces. Dynamic campaigns and ads, remarketing, data insights, and constantly evolving strategies drove significant improvements.

In 2019, ad conversions doubled year-over-year, average cost per conversion decreased by 56%, while average click-through rate increased by 231%.

  • 2019

    In 2019, ad conversions doubled year-over-year

  • ⤵ 56%

    The average cost per conversion decreased by 56%

  • ⤴ 231%

    The average click-through rate increased by 231%


Paid Social

Social advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn humanized the brand, allowing potential partners to see themselves in the products. We used carefully crafted messaging to identify customer pain points, and inclusive images to allow anyone to see a familiar face.

In the first half of 2020, Facebook Ad link clicks increased by 775% over the previous period, average cost per click decreased by 61%, while click-through rate increased by 14%.

  • ⤴ 775%

    Facebook Ad link clicks increased by 775%

  • ⤵ 61%

    Average cost per click decreased by 61%

  • ⤴ 14%

    The click-through rate increased by 14%


Social Media Management

We took to social communities with the same customer-facing strategies, and transformed these channels into a useful resource and gathering place for Visa’s loyal customers. With new research on Visa's audience, we created practical social personas. The question to answer for social quickly became, “What can we do to add value for this individual?” The new direction allowed us to create real communities, retain attention and engagement over longer periods of time, and bring valuable referral traffic to the website when the time was right.


Introducing new ways to connect with potential customers and communicate technical concepts has helped us to realize the potential of Visa solutions, and we continue to collaborate on exciting new developments.


In 2019, organic website visits from Facebook increased by 319% year-over-year, LinkedIn increased by 245%, and Twitter increased by 111%.

  • ⤴ 319%

    Organic website visits from Facebook increased by 319% year-over-year

  • ⤴ 245%

    Organic website visits from LinkedIn increased by 245%

  • ⤴ 111%

    Organic website visits from Twitter increased by 111%