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Transforming DaeCo's digital presence to increase engagement and boost client acquisition

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DaeCo specializes in providing commercial real estate brokerage services, consulting, and project management solutions, particularly focusing on building housing for the homeless. Based in LA, DaeCo leverages its expertise to address complex real estate challenges, helping clients achieve their development goals with precision and care.


Developing housing solutions for those most in need


A new brand identity

Vrrb embarked on an extensive project to revitalize DaeCo's brand identity and website. Our mission was to craft a visually compelling and online presence to distinguish DaeCo from competitors and boost client acquisition efforts.

We started with a thorough revamp of DaeCo's brand identity, enhancing their logo, color scheme, and typography. This refresh provided a cohesive and contemporary look while maintaining the familiar aspects of their established brand. Concurrently, our team devised a strategic plan to align DaeCo's new brand identity with their business objectives. This involved pinpointing key user personas, mapping out user journeys, and formulating a content strategy to clearly convey DaeCo's expertise and services.


Crafting intuitive UX designs was a critical part of our process. We streamlined navigational workflows and simplified key user journeys, reducing confusion and ensuring that visitors could easily find relevant information and services on the new site.

Our final UI designs included custom illustrations and elegant visual effects to capture users' attention and keep them engaged.


Refreshed content and design strategy