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Modernizing LA's premier domestic staffing agency

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The Help Company, with over 30 years of experience, needed a sophisticated web platform to better serve their elite clientele and job seekers in LA, SF, and NYC. We developed a comprehensive content strategy to address the unique needs of these audiences, ensuring clients could easily find and understand services while job seekers could browse and apply for positions seamlessly. The new job board simplifies the application process, making it intuitive for job seekers to view open opportunities and submit their applications online.


A fun, intuitive experience for job seekers and employers


Streamlined workflow and easy content management

The new website features a back-end workflow that efficiently funnels job applications to the appropriate team member for vetting. This process ensures prompt attention to each application. Additionally, user-friendly content management tools make it easy for The Help Company’s staff to update and manage site content, improving operational efficiency.


To create an engaging user experience, we incorporated custom illustrations and animation effects. These elements add a unique touch and guide users through the site intuitively. The lively visuals and interactive features make the browsing experience more dynamic and memorable, reflecting The Help Company's commitment to quality.


Bringing the interface to life with custom illustrations


Telling The Help Company's defining story

The new website does an exceptional job of conveying The Help Company's rich history and expertise, showcasing their warmth and personalized approach. By integrating client testimonials, detailed service descriptions, and engaging visuals, the site effectively communicates the company's dedication to matching highly qualified candidates with elite clientele. This narrative not only builds trust but also emphasizes The Help Company's commitment to quality and excellence in every placement.