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Speaksage AI

An innovative AI-powered solution for enterprise managers and executives

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Speaksage, a cutting-edge SaaS platform, uses AI to help managers practice difficult conversations with realistic AI characters. We partnered with Speaksage to develop their overall product strategy, create key user journeys, design new features, and build their marketing website. This project aimed to establish trust and demonstrate the platform's unique capabilities in leadership development.


Practice conversation skills with a lifelike AI character that thinks, feels, and responds


Bright and uncomplicated design

The design elements of Speaksage feature a bright, uncomplicated interface with custom icons that coordinate with the brand identity. We focused on simplicity and usability, ensuring that users can navigate the platform effortlessly without needing instructions. The intuitive design enhances user engagement and satisfaction.


Part of the excitement when releasing a new product is seeing user reactions and gathering feedback. Initial users were wowed by Speaksage, and provided valuable insights to help the company adapt its offering to their needs. As Speaksage's design partner, we swiftly supported ongoing product development through rapid ideation and iteration. We successfully integrated new functionalities on the fly, ensuring that Speaksage was able to address the dynamic needs of its enterprise customers.


Rapid ideation and iteration


Building a scalable platform for future growth

In addition to addressing immediate user needs, we focused on ensuring that Speaksage's platform could scale effectively as the user base grows. By designing a flexible and robust architecture, we made it easier to implement future updates and new features without disrupting the user experience. This forward-thinking approach allows Speaksage to continue evolving and adding value to the product, ensuring long-term success and adaptability in a rapidly changing market.